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Created on 2011-12-26 09:17:12 (#1274684), last updated 2014-02-17 (191 weeks ago)

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Name:aka fisharina - podfic from cantarina & fishpatrol
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Once upon a time, [personal profile] cantarina and [personal profile] fishpatrol became friends over a mutual love of podfic. [personal profile] fishpatrol, the more experienced of the pair, guided her young apprentice through forest of microphones to the wilds of Audacity (neighboured by the deserts of the editing, which neither could bear to face). So emerged their first joint projects, a bad Larry King impression and the Time-Traveler's Demon.

Now equals and talented in their own rights (although they both still shudder to face the dry, dry deserts), [personal profile] fishpatrol and [personal profile] cantarina's love of podfic continues to grow. They have formed a vaguely insectoid patrol to protect the borders of their beloved land (yes, even the deserts) and to do their part to ensure its continued flourishing.

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Note: [personal profile] fishpatrol isn't sure she'll be crossposting as regularly as [personal profile] cantarina and those interested in her solo fanworks (and collabs not involving [personal profile] cantarina) should consider following [ profile] cantapodpatrol
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